Kevin Benoit
1982 Chevy Blazer
Thibodaux, LA

Original Cost of Vehicle? A lot!
How long to build Vehicle? 3 months
Reason for Building? To show off!
How long have you been in the sport? 10 years
Club Affiliations? Negative Camber

Make: Chevy
Model: LT1
Year: 1997
#of Cylinders: 8
Engine Add-Ons: Headers
Exhaust Modifications: 3 ½ in. Dyanmay
Transmission: Stock
Any Chrome or Polished: Chrome Alternator, Compressor, and March Pulleys.


Hood: Custom Made Cowl Hood
Grille: Stock
Bumpers: Stock
Body Mods: Ford Truck Side Mirrors, Shaved Antenna.
Paint Color: Millennium Yellow
Type: Dupont
Painted By: Kevin Benoit

Wheels and Tires:
Front Wheel Type: Boze Sphynx Size: 20 X 8 Tire: Dunlop Size: 245/ 35 / 20
Rear Wheel Type: Boze Sphynx Size: 22 X 10 Tire: Dunlop Size: 285/ 30 / 22

Mods to Frame: C- Notch
Front Shocks: Monroe
Rear Shocks: Monroe
Spindles: Bell Tech
4 Link: 2 Linked
Suspension Air/Hydro: Air Ride Suspension
Chrome, Polish, Paint: Blacked out Chassis

Dashboard: Smoothed and Painted
Steering Wheel: Billet Colorado Custom Wheel
Console: Custom Painted 1999 Escalade Console
Head Unit: Pioneer
Amps: Autobahn A2401Q
Speakers: 2 10” MA Subs
Describe Upholstery Material/Color Scheme: 2003 Chevy Tahoe Leather Front and Rear Seats. Chrome Dash Inserts, Miscellaneous pieces painted to match vehicle. Door Panels covered in gray and Black Leather with custom door handles.

Special Thanks To:
Kerry “Duck” Cunningham
Travis Chavin


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