Kevin Wilking
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Cincinnati, OH

Original Cost of Vehicle? $8000
Date of Purchase? 1999
Cost to Build Vehicle? $50,000
How long to build Vehicle? 3 years
Reason for Building? I love the car and truck scene!
How long have you been in the sport? 10 years
Club Affiliations? Rush Factor

Make: Mitsubishi
Model: 420 A
Year: 1995
#of Cylinders: 4
Engine Builder/ Shop: Noland's Paint & Body
Engine Modifications: Icemand Intake, Pacesetter Headers, MSD Ignition
Engine Add-Ons: Zex Nitrous, Jet Chip, Optima Battery
Exhaust Modifications: Headers, Thermal Research Exhaust


Bumpers: Bomex Front
Wing: VIS Invader wing for a Prelude.
Add-On Accessories: Full JDM Bomex Body Kit
Body Mods: NSX Air Ducts, Mercedes SLD Mirrors, Generation 2 Head Lamps, Generation 2 Tail lights
Paint Color: Neon Yellow and Blue
Type: House of Kolor
Painted By: Derrick Noland
Graphics, colors, type: A Ripped Paint Scheme

Wheels and Tires:
Front Wheel Type: Konig Verdicts Size: 18 X 8 Tire: Toyo Proxis Size: 225/ 40 / 18
Rear Wheel Type: Konig Verdicts Size: 18 X 8 Tire: Toyo Proxis Size: 225/ 40 /18

Front Shocks: KYB Gr2
Rear Shocks: KYB Gr2
Springs: Aerospeed Coilovers
Other Chassis Mods: Camber Kit
Chrome, Polish, Paint: Custom Painted Calipers and Control Arms

Dashboard: Dyed Blue
Gauges: 8 different styles of Gauges
Steering Wheel: APC
Console: Dyed Blue
Shifter: MOMO
Head Unit: Eclipse 7001
Amps: Kicker ZR 360
Speakers: 2 12” Kicker L7’s
Describe Upholstery Material/Color Scheme: All panels are dyed by Dupont Interior dye. The seats are covered in gray and blue Vinyl, and miscellaneous pieces are painted to match the exterior paint.
Trunck/Bed: A Custom Nitrous Bottle.
Other Interior Mods: 2 Autometer Gauges and a TV mounted in the Passenger Air Bag.

A little history… The Eclipse is on its 3rd Body Kit and its 3rd Paint Job. So the car needless to say has been worked over a few times. It’s been a up and down ride with the eclipse but, it was all well worth it!

Special Thanks To:
Derrick Noland with Nolands Unique Paint
Rush Factor
And The Clubs Girl Friend…Lori


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