Nathan Wimmer
1998 Chevy S-10
Princeton, WV

Original Cost of Vehicle? $8800
Date of Purchase? July 2001
Cost to Build Vehicle? $21,000
How long to build Vehicle? 2 1/2 years
How long have you been in the sport? 9 years
Club Affiliations? Kollapsed Klearance

Make: Chevy
Model: S-10
Year: 1998
#of Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 2.2
Engine Add-Ons: Intake
Any Chrome, Polish: Chrome Air Conditioner Lines, Condenser and Valve Covers.
Exhaust Modifications: Flowmaster
Transmission: Stock


Grille: JBM Billet Insert
Bumpers: Street Scene
Body Mods: Shaved Tailgate handle, and hood squirtters
Paint Color: Purple
Type: PPG
Painted By: Chris Sizemore
Graphics, colors, type: Just look at a color chart!

Wheels and Tires:
Front Wheel Type: Eagle 212 Size: 18 X 8 Tire: Nankang Size: 215/ 35 / 18
Rear Wheel Type: Eagle 212 Size: 18 X 8 Tire: Nankang Size: 215 /35 / 18

Mods to Frame: Custom Fabricated C - Notch
Front Shocks: Monroe
Rear Shocks: Monroe
Spindles: 2” Chassis Tech Spindles
4 Link: Aim Industries 4 Link
Suspension Air/Hydro: Firestone Ride Rite Air Suspension

Dashboard: Custom Painted Front Face plate
Gauges: Flamed Gauges
Steering Wheel: Billet Specialties
Console: Custom Fabricated
Head Unit: Alpine
Amps: Auto Tec 250
Speakers: Concept
Describe Upholstery Material/Color Scheme: Purple Tweed and Beige Leather with sculpted flames throughout the interior.

Special Thanks To:
I would like to thank all of the people that helped make this creation a success. Extra special thanks to the members of Kollapsed Klearance, Allen Norwood, Chris Sizemore, and Timmy Wimmer. With out the support and guidance from club member Darrel Poe, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. Thanks everyone!


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