Jonas DeForrest
1998 Chevy S-10
Elk River, MN
Original Cost of Vehicle? $11,000
Date of Purchase? Sept. 1998
How long to Build? 3 years
Reason for building? To have fun
How long have you been in the sport? 7 years

Make: Chevrolet
Model: S-10
Year: 1998
#of Cylinders: 4
Engine Add-Ons: CGS Intake


Body Mods: Smooth cowl, added 1/8" around gas door, filled tailgate to match roll pan, and wheel tubs under hood and sheet metal blower box by Nic Trovecke
Paint Color: Lime Time Greeen and Black
Type: House of Kolor
Mods and Paint By: Scott Williams of Blaine, MN
Graphics, colors, type: Silver & Gold Leaf by Crazy Kolors

Wheels and Tires:
Front Wheel Type: Billet Specialties Size: 20" Tire: Kumho Size: 255x35 R20
Rear Wheel Type: Billet Specialties Size: 20" Tire: Kumho Size: 255x35 R20

Frame Stock: Stock
Spindles: Bell Tech Spindles
4 Link: 4-Link from Air Ride Tech
Suspension Air/Hydro: Road Grater Kit installed by Jonas

Dashboard: Stock with dark and grey dash pieces
Steering Wheel: By Carriage Works
Console: Custom
Shifter: Billet Specialties
Head Unit: Alpine DVD
Speakers: Diamond Audio installed by Jonas
Describe Upholstery Material/Color Scheme: Leather and Suede seats by Katskins
Trunck/Bed: Herculiner
Any Other Interior Mods: Billet Window Cranks

Special Thanks to:
Matt Amenrud
Jeff at House of Kolor
Nic Travecke at Crazy Talk customs
Air Ride Tech
Billet Specialties

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