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It's been a CRAZY MONTH!! a result, we're running a little behind on teensy bits of the magazine...

oh, don't worry about the features, they've all here - so you won't miss out on Shannon Gunther's awesome 1997 Honda Civic, or Edith Smith's sweeet 1997 Honda Accord. Nope. Don't fret, they're all taken care of. Did I mention this month's cover vehicle? Yeah, Shane Schaffer is off the hook with his 1997 Nissan Hardbody - 'U Wish' - Hell yeah, I wish!

And the shows? Well, we've got all that handled too -
Y-Teens Car & Truck Show, Blood Drag 2005, and of course HUGE Cruisefest 2005 coverage (watch for the hidden 18+ section...) and MASSIVE Showfest 2005 coverage... all topped off with a little special feature we like to call 'the SHOW LIFESTYLE'.

'So what is this issue missing?', you ask - well, I guess just this editorial, which we'll be catching up on very shortly. Until then, ENJOY THE COVERAGE!

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Many many more shows coming up this spring and summer... we'll have details for you shortly...


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