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What’s up everyone! The month of May is upon us and the excitement is building for the hot summer nights. The chance to catch up with other enthusiasts that you have lost touch with over the winter is getting closer. The great relationships that are built throughout the show seasons make’s this sport feel like one big family. Sometimes drama and differences can be a downfall of being in a car or truck club, but the bond and respect created can be worth a lifetime of priceless memories. New faces and rides pop up in the show scene every year looking for their place in this great sport we call a hobby. There isn’t a better feeling than rolling into a show with a pack of custom vehicles and the jaw dropping expressions seen while cruising down the interstate. If you are new to the scene and looking to be apart of a group of die hard enthusiasts in your area, check out our club listings at

On the cover this month we bring the return of one of the fine creations from Shane Thompson representing Frameworks Customs in his 2000 GMC Jimmy. It has become a ritual for the past 2 Years at the Spring Fling show held in Panama City Beach, FL to feature Shane’s new mini that is built over the winter months. Shane’s S-10 was featured last year in the May 2004 Issue in the same location that this months impressive layout was conceived. Shane always seems to add that unique touch to set off his ride from the rest of the competition and receiving much love along the way. When Shane’s “Houdini” received a 6” Body Drop it had a mysterious way of making the 22” wheels disappear at the flip of a switch. We’ll just have to see if Shane can pull another fine custom vehicle out of his hat to continue the tradition for a possible 3 peat of May Issues shot in Panama City Beach next year. To check out Shane’s previous ride in last years issue, check out

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Lifestyle Tour:

The Gauge Staff, Behind The Scenes Entertainment, and I will be firing up the Lifestyle Tour this month at the ever popular Cruisefest. The event will be held in Lucasville, OH at the Scioto County Fairgrounds on Mothers Day weekend May 6-8 2005. Gauge will be having its annual Lifestyle Party bringing live entertainment throughout the day into the early morning. Be sure not to miss this party, for more information or directions check out

Next up we will be heading down south for a little southern hospitality at Showfest. The annual event hosted by Assorted Miniatures will be held in the infamous town of Greenville, MS on the weekend of May 13-15 2005. The event will pack in some of the hottest vehicles around the world, and the best ground scraping nightlife you can handle in a weekends time. To check out the crew over at Assorted Miniatures visit

On the final weekend of May the Gauge staff will mount up to hit another year of Slammin' & Jammin'. The annual event will be held on Memorial Day weekend May 27-29 in Lebanon, TN at the James E Ward Agricultural Center. Come see Charlie Cobble and crew put on an event with ease. Be sure to stop by the Gauge Booth to catch up on the 2005 propaganda. For more information or directions to the show, check out

We added our own final touches to the “Houdini” with the dead sexy May Gauge Girl Kelly Thomason. I was able to catch up with Kelly moments before the bikini contest at Spring Fling held this past March. Shortly after receiving 2nd place and a handful of cash, we headed over to Piers Park to capture one of the hottest Gauge Girl features this year. Kelly has been representing manufacturers such as Black Magic Car Products at events to continue working towards her goal of becoming a Professional Model. Kelly’s not just another gorgeous girl from a small town in Alabama, with her spare time Kelly is turning the wrenches on her Supra and a Prelude. If you don’t think it could get any better than that, hold on guys…she’s even single! Be sure to see if you could measure up with Kelly’s standards in her Gauge Girl Interview.

We have a long list of events for you this month. We start off with Matt Petro and I loading up the Project Air Dancer and headed south for the 39th Annual Carl Casper International Auto Show. The show was held at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center in Louisville, KY on the weekend of February 25-27 2005. Vehicles from all over the world were on display for the ever popular event, and pulled in a record crowd to witness the fun and excitement. CCE put together one of the largest hydraulic competitions and gave the spectators their moneys worth with one hell of a show. For more information on next years event or other Carl Casper events, check out

Next we caught up with the crew over at Down 2 Earth for their 2nd Annual Event the Last Blast Car Show. The show was held on the weekend of October 2-3 2004 in Peoria, IL at the IT00 Hall. While excepting the challenge Jim Wike and his club members with Down 2 Earth showed off their skills on how to successfully fill up a show field. For more information on next years event or Down 2 Earth email Jim Wike at

Next up we took a trip with Photographer Robbie Dotson for a weekend of… Dropfest! The event took place at the Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, WI on the weekend of June 12-13 2004. It just seems to step up the class a notch when you spend a couple days sitting on the 3rd turn at a Raceway. The 4th Annual Event was presented by Sweet Customs and hosted by Twisted Fantasies Car Club for one of the largest events held in the Mid West. Preparation for this year’s event is already in the making and the crew from Dropfest wants to welcome you to an atmosphere of wicked contests and a weekend of live entertainment. For directions or information for the Dropfest 2004 DVD, check out

We caught up with the crew over at EnVuS Car Club for their 2004 event. The show was held in Columbia, IL at the Columbia City Saloon on September 12th 2004. The 5th annual event pulled in some of the hottest vehicles in the mid west for this 1 day extravaganza. Come see how the guys over at EnVuS Mid West put on a show “Honoring Heroes”. For more information on next years event or extended show coverage, check out

Last but not least Donnie Babb, Jowee and I hit up the Motor City for a weekend at the 53rd Annual Detroit Autorama. This glamorous event was held at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI on the weekend of March 4-6 2005. The Ridler Award is presented here every year to the outstanding vehicle shown for the first time: it is one of the most prestigious awards to receive in the automotive industry. The hard work and creativity that went into the vehicles that were competing for the Ridler were breathtaking to witness. After a long weekend of rigorous debating between the judges, Ken Reister was able to go home accomplishing what he came for… the Ridler Award! To check out the division winners of the indoor show circuit check out

We have a stunning line up of vehicle features for you this month. We start off with Josh Richburg representing Darkside Kustoms in his 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse. In the 6 years Josh has been involved in the automotive scene he has built up his ride for the pure enjoyment of the sport. With some help from his friends and club member he was able to create this stunning ride rightfully named “Lay1Lo” in 4 years time. Its Lambo doors and immaculate paint finish sets off its aggressive stance leaving it a one of kind ride to cruise the streets.

Next up I was able to hook up with Jason Jeanette representing Wicked Customs in his 1998 Isuzu Hombre. Having too much time on his hands, Jason made the initial investment of $350.00 to purchase his ride…and to let the games begin. Jason stripped down his ride and gave the frame an 8” notch surrounding the ride with Slam Specialty Bags circulating 3/4” air line, 1/2” valves, and strapped down 2 5ft Nitrogen tanks to give it some air born abilities. While cleaning up the body and removing the wasted accessories, his creation had come to life after its slick green finish bounded the body panels. Be sure to catch up with Jason to get a closer look at this clean cruiser.

Last but not least I had the chance to meet Brad Jones at the Spring Fling event held in Panama City Beach, FL this past March to see his 1996 GMC Yukon. Brad took this Yukon and converted it over to a custom “Yukad” by swapping the dog house over to a 2000 Cadillac Escalade and added his own unique touches. With enough fiberglass to build a small boat Brad smoothed out all the interior panels for an overall slick finish inside and out. The appreciated help from close friends was enough to create this sick ride in 1 year’s time.

As usual, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. Until next month keep your heads up and at least one frame rail on the ground! Peace!!


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