MBRP Cool Dual Exhaust Install
2001 Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually 7.3L

By Donnie Babb
Install by Matt Petro and Mike Mendenhall

So you’ve saved all your pennies and you now own your dream vehicle, a Diesel Powered Tow Monster. The thought of the first trip over the mountain pushing all the limits of the new motor makes your heart race.

Well, it will only take a few trips through those mountains until you realize that the truck could use a few more ponies.      

With today’s Diesel trucks you can add as much as 300 horsepower by adding an exhaust, intake and power chip. It is amazing how easy these applications change the way your diesel truck will perform. This month we are going to cover how easy it is to install an all stainless steel MBRP Cool Dual exhaust. MBRP is the best of the best. They are one of the few companies that offer a true 4” Turbo Back Dual Exhaust System that bolts up with the factory hardware. (Can it be true a Bolt on Performance Exhaust?  It sounds too good to be True.) This is exactly what we thought.  

Well we sure were wrong!!  Our friends, over at Shidler’s Auto Center in Indianapolis, IN, let us borrow their lift and went on stand by for any exhaust questions or concerns that we had.  Schidler’s is the top custom exhaust specialist in Indianapolis, so we knew if any problems arose they would come to our rescue. 

Proving MBRP’s excellence, by the time that Pork (the man at Schidler’s) finished with his breakfast biscuit the MBRP exhaust was nearly installed.

Since the install on our company Tow Pig in June 2005, we’ve driven over 20,000 miles and the only problem we’ve experienced has been a lot more lead footing.  

Key points to MBRP Exhaust:  

  • The entire exhaust is stainless steel. This is a big plus for any state that gets snow and has rust problems.

(That is right this exhaust will never rust, it is 100% pure polished Stainless Steel)

  • The Exhaust lowers the EGT (exhaust gas temperature).
  • Adds extra horsepower and torque
  • True bolt on Cool Dual 5” Exhaust tips.
Our friends over at Schidler’s Auto Center are the exhaust specialist in Indianapolis, IN they stood on call for any problems that we may have come across. They never even had to get their hands dirty.

The 2001 Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually or better know as the Gauge Magazine.com Tow Pig. This photo was taken before getting a serious exhaust upgrade.


The MBRP Exhaust comes in one box that delivers from UPS. Inside this box are all the pieces and instructions that you need to install the exhaust.


We found it much easier to loose fit all the pieces. This way we knew what pipe was next to go.   Make sure to spray some lubricant on the bolt that connects the down pipe and the turbo housing. This is a very delicate bolt, it will break under stress.


*MBRP suggest to start the install at the down pipe and work your way back.
The Down Pipe install was the most difficult part of the install. You will need two people to get it right. One person steadily adjusting the pipe from the bottom and one person on top of the motor fitting the pipe flange to the turbo.



After the down pipe install you just attach the next piece in line. The C clamp hooks install right into the factory hangers so it is easy to hang and install.

Most trucks are not stock with dual exhaust so you will need to add a hanger on the Driver side of the truck. The MBRP exhaust supplies you with all the necessary hardware to tackle this task easily. No drilling needed. The hanger bolts right into place of a factory frame hole.

The exhaust easily clears the spare tire and shocks. Every bend is the perfect angle to fit your vehicle.


After you get the exhaust all tightened up. You can install the 5” Stanless Exhaust Tips. These look great hanging out both sides of the dually fenders.

In conclusion: This exhaust is by far the easiest and best looking exhaust on the market today. We loved the product so much that we are now selling the product line through Gauge-Store.com

You can view the entire product line at this link. http://store.gaugemagazine.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=906

Call today toll free 1-877-334-2843 and mention this article with your order and save an additional 5%.

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