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Last month I was so slammed with all the end of season activities that this editorial column got posted super late. So click on this link to see the September 2005 editorial:

A few months ago we promised changes coming to the magazine. This month you donít have to look far to see many at all. First and foremost is the addition of the new ad bars into the magazine. Due to the rising cost of everything across America we have had to sell a little space of the magazine to keep us up and going. Please support these advertisers by clicking on their ads and buying products from them when possible. Your support will only help to grow and make it a better place to visit monthly. By the first of the year we are going to make drastic design and layout changes that will blow your mind. Make sure you come back regularly and keep an eye out for these changes. You wonít be disappointed. †The next change that you will see this month is the return of the Event Calendar and Car Club Listing. Over the summer we changed servers and it has been a major pain in the ass for everyone. We just about have all the bugs worked out. Thank you everyone for sending us e-mails and letting us know about broken links or just plain weird stuff that has been happening. With thousands of pages of back issues it is almost impossible for us to find everything. If you happen to see any weird stuff or broken links please send me an e-mail at and we will get them fixed.

To start this months issue we have one of the most awesome show vehicles ever to hit the scene. 'Plane Jane' owned by Shawn Arcidino. Shawn took his 1990 Mazda standard cab and themed it after a P-51 Fighter Plane. Talk about attention to detail - Shawn did not miss anything on this project. I canít wait to see his next project vehicle.

To step up the beauty of Plane Jane, photographer Toby Mosholder hooked up with the beautiful Gauge Girl Stephanie Bell. Stephanie is the perfect fly girl for this cover feature. Stephanie is a student at Purdue University working on her degree in fashion design. At the photo shoot she did not hesitate to grab the parachute and throw it over her back. Make sure to check out her gauge girl interview to get an up-close and personal look at Stephanie.

We start off his months feature vehicles with Dick Dearth from Ohio. This is Dickís second vehicle that has appeared in gauge. Dick is known in the show scene to have totally radical cars with no attention to detail missed. This feature vehicle is a for sure not to miss.†

When it comes to old school mini trucks nothing really compares to the Nissan extended cab. Staff photographer Smalls got a chance to hook up with Donald Foshee this past year at Scrapin the Coast in Gulfport, MS and capture this truck at its best. Since the photo shoot, the hurricanes have demolished the entire area where this photo took place. For everyone in the areas that have been affected by the hurricanes youíre always in our thoughts and prayers.

†We start show coverage out this month in Indianapolis with Slamology presented by GM Accessories and Gauge I just want to start with thanking everyone for their support in the show this year. The show doubled in size and the lifestyle was awesome. Make sure to check out all the non stop coverage that we have to offer this month. The dates for next yearís event are set. Slamology will return on Labor Day weekend 2006. †Stay tuned to for all the details.

The next show featured this month takes us to the east coast to Carlisle, PA for the All Truck Nationals. There is nothing like shows on the east coast. The trucks are awesome, the people are friendly and the show grounds are unbeatable. Expect to see us again in 2006 in Carlisle for this event. Get pre-registered today at

For our final stop for shows this month we join staff photographer Jason Swinford in Orlando, FL for Impact 2005.† This show was put on by the Asian Student Foundation at UCS (University Central Florida) Wow, what a turnout for a one day show. Just one look at the coverage and you can see nothing but top quality vehicles showed up for this one day event. For info on next years event make sure to check out

This month for Special Features we have the return of Coast to Coast. This special is a collection on custom license plates that we have photographed on our journeys from show to show.

The next column is the Don Pace Pin up. Don is an automotive/female artist that specializes in beautiful woman and bad ass cars. Don has had the pleasure of working with some of the hottest models across America. Just last month Rock star Tommy Lee featured a drawling of Pamela Anderson done by Don Pace. This drawing was on the wall during his new hit TV show Tommy Lee goes to college. Make sure to check out Donís feature this month, it is very seductive. For more information on Don Pace and his radical art work visit his web site at

Well; this is a wrap for this month. As usual if you have any question, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at



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