Randall Rich
1991 Chevy Caprice
Anderson, IN
Original Cost of Vehicle? $4,500
Date of Purchase? April 2002
Cost to build? $19,000
How long to Build? 2 1/2 years
Reason for building? To show it.
How long have you been in the sport? 5 years.
Name of your Vehicle? Bad-N-Lo

Make: Chevrolet
Model: 350
Year: 1991
#of Cylinders: 8
Displacement: 5.7 Ltrs
Any Chrome, Polish: A/C Compressor
Exhaust Modifications: Flowmaster Muffler


Grille: Trenz
Bumpers: Stillen
Add-On Accessories: Front and Rear Bumpers
Body Mods: Painted Marker, Taillights
Paint Color: Red and Black
Type: DuPont
Painted By: Jeff Busby, Anderson Indiana

Wheels and Tires:
Front Wheel Type: Boyd Smoothie II Size: 17" Tire: BFG G-force Size: 255/45/R17
Rear Wheel Type: Boyd Smoothie II Size: 17" Tire: BFG G-force Size: 255/45/R17

Suspension Air/Hydro: Air Ride
Other Chassis Mods: Shockwaves up front / Sleeved bag in rear.

Dashboard: Red Tweed
Steering Wheel: Trenz
Shifter: Trenz
Head Unit: Pioneer
Amps: Audiobahn
Speakers: 15 " Audiobahn
Describe Upholstery Material/Color Scheme: Red Tweed
Trunk/Bed: Hidden air tank for Air Ride
Audio Install By: Arron\ Maxwell, Anderson Indiana
Interior Install By: Larry Maxwell, Anderson Indiana

Special Thanks to:
Thanks to my friends Jeff Busby and Larry Maxwell for helping me do this ride. It is very nice. Car was in very good condition when I bought it, but nothing like it is now.

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