Jeramey Rogers
Pensacola, FL
2000 GMC Sierra 1500

Why did you build your Ride?

I’ve always had a love for custom trucks, I started work at age 14 and now I’m here.

How Long to Build your Ride?

6 Months

How Long Have You Been in the Sport?

2 Years

Previous Rides:

Chevy Lumina

Club Affiliations?


What would you like to build next?

Full size body dropped on 24’s


Make  GMC


Year  2000


# of Cylinders:  8 cylinders


Displacement:  5.3 327 V8


Engine Modifications:  Cold Air Intake, Electric Fans, and Air-Raid Filters


Engine Add-Ons


Any Chrome or Polish?  Painted Engine Top and Intake


Engine Builder/ Shop:  Fresh-N-Clean Customs



Clutch & Flywheel:  Stock


Torque Converter (Stall Converter):  Stock



Stock or Custom?  Custom


Mods to the Frame:  Notched Frame


Inches of lift or drop? Please specify!  6.25” Body Drop


Who did the Mods to the Frame?  Fresh-N-Clean Customs


4-Link:  2-Link


Compressor model and Brand:   244 Cubic Nitrogen Tank


Number of Valves and Size:  4 ½ ˝ SMC Valves


Air Bag Size/ Model: Front and Rear:  2600 # Firestone bags on front and rear.


Wheels and Tires

Front Wheel Type: 
GX 600 Billet Specialties

Size: 20”

Tire Size:  245/40/20


Rear Wheel Type: 
GX Billet Specialties

Size: 20”

Tire Size:  275/35/20



Paint Color:  Pearl Blue and White with Airbrush


Type of Paint:  House of Kolor


Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types:  Air brush design separating HOK Marine Blue on top and Pearl White on Bottom.


Painted By:  Ben, Jeff, and Marshall at Fresh-N-Clean Customs


2000 GMC Sierra 1500


Body Drop:  Traditional 6.25”


Hood:  Cowl


Grille: Trenz


Bumpers:  Custom Sheet Metal


Add On Accessories: Billet Grille, Street Scene Mirror, Cowl Hood


Body ModsCali Combo Rear with 2 12” LED Lights, Shave doors, gas door, tail lights and a Custom bumper.


Body Mods By:  Fresh-N-Clean Customs



Dashboard:  Painted


Gauges:  Chrome


Steering Wheel:  Altered Images


Console:  Custom Metal top, pained with 10” Diamond Audio DC


Head Unit: Pioneer


Amps:  1200.1 Kicker


Speakers:  2 6.5” Pioneer, 2 2x9 Pioneer, 1 10” D  Audio DC


Video System:  5” Screen


Stereo Installed By:  Quality Car Stereo


Shifter: Stock


Seats :  Chop Top GMC Yukon Bucket Seats


Window Tint %:  0


Trunk / Bed :  Raised 8” Black Bed Liner


Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme:  All White Bone Tweed, painted HOK Blue Dash.


Any Other Interior Mods:  Full Billet Accessories


Upholstered By:  Fresh-N-Clean Customs


History of Vehicle - Anything you'd like to add?

I drag on my way to High School every morning!


Special Thanks

Mom, Dad, Brother, everyone at Fresh-N-Clean Customs and everyone who doubted me.


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