Ronnie Amburn Jr.
Reidsville, NC
1998 Ford Ranger

Original Cost of Vehicle?


Why did you build your Ride?

To have the lowest ride in my home town. 

How Long to Build your Ride?

5 Years

Name of Vehicle and Why?

Long Overdue, wanting it done earlier than it was.

How Long Have You Been in the Sport?

5 Years 

Club Affiliations?


What would you like to build next?

1984 Ford Ranger


Make: Ford


Year:  1998


# of Cylinders:  4 cylinders 


Engine Modifications: 
Powder Coated Valve Covers, Intake and Polished Throttle Body


Engine Add-Ons:  Cold Air Intake


Any Chrome or Polish? Throttle Body



Stock or Custom?  Custom


Mods to the Frame:  8 Inch Notch


Inches of lift or drop?
4 ˝” Body Drop


Who did the Mods to the Frame? 
Billy Ward


Front Shocks:  None


Rear Shocks:  Monroe


4-Link:  Pete and Jake’s


Compressor model and Brand: 
2 Viari 450c 


Number of Valves and Size: 
8 ˝” GC 250’s


Air Bag Size/ Model; Front and Rear: 
2500 # Firestone Front/ 2600 # Firestone Rear


Any Chrome, Polish or Paint:
Painted Frame


Wheels and Tires

Front Wheel Type: 
American Racing Chrome

Size: 18x17.5

Tire Size:  215/35/18


Rear Wheel Type: 
American Racing Chrome

Size:  18X17.5

Tire Size:  215/35/18



1998 Ford Ranger


Paint Color:  Tribal Stone


Type of Paint:  DuPont


Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types:  Vermillion Red, Orion Silver, and Gunmetal


Painted By:  Ken Surmon


Graphics By:   Ken Surmon



Body Drop:  Traditional or Stock Floor  Traditional


Hood:  2002 Ford Ranger Edge


Grille: Billet


Bumpers:  1999 Ranger


Add On Accessories:
Diamond Black Headlights, Euro Taillights


Body Mods
Shaved Tailgate, Cowl, Bed Stake Holes, Mud Flap Holes and Third Brake Light Unit.


Body Mods By:  Billy Ward



Dashboard:  Tweed


Gauges: Fire Flamed


Steering Wheel:  Stock


Console:  Custom Built


Head Unit: Sony


Speakers:  6X9 Pioneers


Stereo Installed By:  Owner


Shifter:  Nothing Special


Seats :  Cut down factory seats


Window Tint %:  N/A


Trunk / Bed :  Raised Up For Clearance


Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: 
Red and Grey Tweed throughout, matching scheme of the Truck.


Any Other Interior Mods:


Upholstered By: 
Owner and Bobby Campbell


Special Thanks

 My wife, Amie, my Parents, John Jackson, my fellow Acrophobia members.


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