Brian Merritt
Salisbury, NC
1988 Honda CRX

Original Cost of Vehicle?


Why did you build your Ride?

Just wanted a change from Mini trucks and Hot Rods 

How Long to Build your Ride?

4 Years

How Long Have You Been in the Sport?

11 Years 

Previous Rides:

1978 Z38, A 1984 Mazda and a 1988 Mazda

Club Affiliations?


What would you like to build next?

Lexus IS 300


Make: Honda CRX


Year: 1988


# of Cylinders: 4


Engine Modifications:
Turbo, Sti Cam Gear, Str Fuel Rail, MSD digital (7 MSD Boost)


Engine Add-Ons: NOS


Any Chrome or Polish?
Valve Cover, Intake, Manifold, Aluminum Radiator



Clutch & Flywheel: Zoom



Inches of lift or drop?
Adjustable Coils 3 Drop


Wheels and Tires

Front Wheel Type: Tenzo Poke 10

Size: 17

Tire Size: 205/40/17


Rear Wheel Type: Tenzo Poke 10

Size: 17

Tire Size: 205/40/17



Paint Color: Sonic Blue


Type of Paint: Lesonal


Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types:


Painted By: Steve Jolly and myself



1988 Honda CRX


Body Drop:  Traditional or Stock Floor


Hood: Custom Built Ground Design


Grille: Stainless Exhaust


Body Mods: Shaved door handles, antenna, gas doors, Toyota Supra Taillights, 199 Civic SI head lights


Body Mods By: Brian Merritt and Shane Kirk



Dashboard: Fiber Glassed and Painted


Gauges: Auto Meter


Steering Wheel: Grant


Console: Custom Fiber Glassed


Head Unit: Pioneer


Amps: Orion 2 X25, 2 X50


Speakers: MTX 12, MA Quart Mids and Tweets


Stereo Installed By: Brian Merritt


Shifter: Short Shifter


Seats : Recaro


Trunk / Bed :
Fiber Glass Custom Box and Painted


Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme:
Painted to match outside of Car


Any Other Interior Mods:
Fiberglass Headliner


Upholstered By: 
Myself, Shane Kirk and Country Classic interior did the seats and the floor board.


Special Thanks

My wife, Shane Kirk, and Steve Jolly


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