Cory Illum
Momence, Illinois
1987 Mazda B2200

Vehicle Year/ Make:

1998 VW Jetta

Original Cost of Vehicle?


How Long to Build your Ride?

4 Years.

How Long Have You Been in the Sport?

3 Years

Club Affiliations?

Positive Force


Make Volkswagon


Year  1998


# of Cylinders 4


Displacement  2.0L


Engine Modifications:
Neuspeed intake and Optima battery


Engine Add-Ons:
air intake


Any Chrome or Polish?
Upper and lower intake manifolds.



Front Shocks: Air struts


Rear Shocks: Air Cylinders

Compressor model and Brand:  3/4HP. Compressor


Number of Valves and Size: 8 – 3/8” valves


Air Bag Size/ Model; Front and Rear: struts in front cylinders out back


Wheels and Tires

Front Wheel Type: Konig Holes

Size: 17x6

Tire Size: 205/40/R17


Rear Wheel Type: Konig Holes

Size: 17x6

Tire Size: 205/40/R17



Paint Color: Pearl grey Lambo Blue 2-tone


Type of Paint: base coat/clear coat


Grey and Blue two tone with black scallops.


Painted By: Steele Collision


Graphics By: Steele Collision



1987 Mazda B2200


Body Drop:  Traditional or Stock Floor


Hood: VIS Racing Euro R


Grille: Golf Grille


Bumpers: Andy’s autosport in the front.


Wing: Wings West


Add On Accessories:
Wings West side skirts, Rear valance, VTS Racing fenders


Body Mods
Shaved trunk lock, moldings, and door handles.



Dashboard: Stock fiberglass and painted.


Gauges: Indiglo


Steering Wheel: Momo Corse


Console: Fiberglassed with molded video screen.


Head Unit: Alpine 7998


Amps: 3 x  Audiobahn


Speakers: two pair of Audiobahn 6 Ό”, 3 ½” and 2 – 15” subs


Video System: 10 video screens sponsored by Audiovox.


Stereo Installed By: Drivers Force Car Audio.


Seats : Stock covered in Vinyl.


Trunk / Bed : All tire carrier


Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: Blue and tan vinyl custom embroidered headrests.


Any Other Interior Mods: Video in back of the headrests. Full computer mounted on passengers side dash.


Upholstered By:  Zita Magruder


Special Thanks to Mom and Dad for all there help

Drivers Edge Car Audio, Steele Collision, and Audiovox.


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