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Gauge Editor-in-Chief Donnie BabbEvery year for the past 5 years, we have had the pleasure of spending every free minute this month preparing Gauge project vehicles for the SEMA Convention in Las Vegas, NV. With Gauge being located in Indianapolis, IN it makes this a huge trip. The drive to Vegas takes us about 27 hours each way. Then we spend 8 days in sin city… To turn around and drive 27 hours back home again. You can imagine the level of fatigue that is involved. But it is all worth it when you come around the Hoover Dam and see those lights of Las Vegas screaming unlimited opportunity. 

This year make sure to come and check out Vice President Matt Petro’s project S10 Air Dancer. This is version #2 of the 1st truck we traveled the country with last year. The truck will be located in the Air Zenith booth # 33659. You can stay up to date on the project progress by checking out

Don’t think this stress has slowed us down on this month’s issue; we have it covered with nonstop action. To start the month off, we catch up with staff photographer Toby Mosholder at the cover shoot of Cory Illum’s awesome old school Jetta featuring Gauge Girl Stephanie Sadorra.  Toby could not resist the chance to shoot these beauties together at the Slammin and Jammin Show this past May.

Next in the feature line up, we stay on the road with Toby Mosholder too Louisville, KY at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Manufacturing plant for a truly unique photo shoot. Kyle Shaffer from Indianapolis , IN has built one of the coolest theme cars we have seen in a long time. Kyle has taken this Impala and themed it after Baseball History. If you are a baseball fan, this car is truly a feature for you to check out.

(Good job on the project… Buddy… Buddy….)

  There are a million different Honda Civics on the show scene. Not very often do you see Honda owners take the time to do serious body modifications. Vehicle owner Brian Merritt defiantly did not hesitate to spend the extra time to make this Honda stand out from the crowd.

2006 Show Tour

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The Club directory is back up and again after several months of being under construction. Please register or update your club today!!!

Please follow these directions before you contact us about your listing:

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If you car club has never been listed or does not appear in the search. Register your club at this link.
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            To wrap us this month’s features, staff photographer Smalls catches up with Ronnie Amburn Jr. to feature his super clean Ford Ranger. Ronnie has spent tons of time and money getting his ranger just right. Make sure to check out this layout.

We start out the month’s show coverage in Morristown, TN for Layed out at the Park, on the weekend of April 7-9, 2006. This show was one of the coolest mini truck shows that we attended all year. Legal dragging, tons of the coolest trucks on the planet, what else could you ask for? Make sure to check out the web site for all the info for next years’ event. 

(Hey Jeffery…. We want our beer back…)  

            Next we travel to northern Ohio and catch up Staff Photographer E-Rod at the 3rd Annual Midwest Spin Fest. This show featured some of Cleveland’s most radical vehicles and beautiful ladies. Stay up to date on the 2007 show by visiting

            Throughout this year we have featured several of the Hot Import Night shows. This month we travel to Orlando, FL with photographer Wladimir Moquete for the Central Florida Hot Import Nights. Radical cars, Super Hot Models and a nightlife atmosphere is what have made these shows a huge success from coast to coast.  Get the info on the entire series at

            To wrap up this month we stay in Indy for the 5th annual German Park Car and Truck Show. Merrick and his club Lowered Horizons do a wonderful job with this show every year. Make sure to put this show on your calendar for next year.

            This wraps it up for gauge this month. As usual if you have any questions concerns or comments please do not hesitate to contact one of us.


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