TruXedo Deuce By: Shur-Co. Automotive
Install article by Toby Mosholder

Shur-Co Automive turns out quality bed covers every year. They manufacture the original TruXedo tonneau cover. They have released a new model called the “Deuce”. The “deuce” debuted at the 2006 SEMA show in Las Vegas. It is a soft roll-up hinged tonneau cover. The hinged feature of the “Deuce” is at the front of the bed. It gives you fast access to the front with out rolling up the entire cover from the rear. Also, the hinge design does not pinch or wear the fabric and is hidden when the cover is on. When the cover is rolled up against the front of the bed, the cross bows and rear cross member roll in the fabric cover. Two elastic straps secure the cover to the front of the bed.
Another very nice feature about the “Deuce” cover is there is NO drilling of any holes. The side rails clamp to the bed sides and the front cross member bolts to the side rails. The rear cross member is part of the fabric cover. Follow along as we install this cover on a 2004 ˝ ton Chevrolet Crew Cab short bed.

Getting Started  
There are very few tools required, and this cover is very easy to install.
Here are the tools needed:
˝” socket
9/16” socket
3/8” drive rachet
˝” box end wrench

The parts are out of the box and unwrapped and ready to be installed:
Left side rail
Right side rail
Left underbody rail
Right underbody rail
Front cross member
Fabric cover
8 clamps
Asst. nuts & bolts
Foam weatherseal.

Step one

With the tailgate closed, align the side rails flush with the pick up bed rails and level with each other. Lightly compress the “D” seal against the tailgate.

With 2 clamps secure the rail to the bedside one clamp at each end of the rail.
For best latching performance and cover fit make sure the side rails are level. Repeat this on the passenger side.

Step 2

Install underbody rails, fold back hinged portion of side rails and stand in side bed to install these rails. Position the underbody rails flush with the side rails. Align weather seal so it is slightly higher than the bed side.Then clamp rails using 2 more clamps for each rail.

Step 3

Assemble side brackets to front cross member. Insert square head bolts into cross member channels, lightly snug the bolts. Next insert one square head bolt into channel on each underbody rail.

Step 4

With the brackets bolted to the front cross member. Align the front cross member so it does not touch the front of the bed. Bolt the cross member to the underbody rails using a flat washer and a nut on each side.

Step 5

Set the fabric cover assembly on top of the side rails and fold back the front side rails so they rest on top of the fabric cover. Insert bolts from fabric cover into the hinged portion of the side rails and secure with flat washers and locking nuts. (2 on each side).
Step 6

Carefully rotate the hinged portion of the side rails to the closed position. Watch the latch on the fabric cover and the striker on the front cross member to make sure they line up. Once they line up latch the cover closed and tighten bolt on the front cross member securing striker in place.

Step 7

Square all 4 rails to each other and tighten the 4 nuts holding the fabric cover to the hinged rails.

Step 8

Unroll cover over bed the cross bows are attached to the fabric cover, and will ride on the side rails.

Step 9

Closing cover, with the cover unrolled to the tailgate. Rotate header into the header stops and press down to lock toggle into header.
Your “Deuce” tonneau cover is now completely installed. To open cover, drop the tailgate and press the toggle shown in picture 12, and roll cover towards the front of the bed. Or you can us the latch at the front of the bed to access the front without rolling the cover up from the rear of the bed.
Added security features. At the front crossmember there is a knob you can position against the latch so it will not open.
With knob against the lever this will not allow the front of the cover to open and if you have a locking tailgate your bed is now secure from the out side world.

The features I like about this cover are:

Installation was simple.
Easy access to the front of the bed via the hinged side rails.
Lo-profile design
Ease of rolling up the cover to haul bulky items that do not fit under the cover.
Locking knob to disable front access and protect items in the bed.
No drill installation.
Compliments look of the truck.
Added gas milage.

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