Adam Parnell
Salisbury, NC
1972 Volkswagen Beetle
Original Cost of Vehicle? $200.00
Cost to Build Vehicle? $3000.00
Why did you build your Ride? Because my S-10 burnt down in my shop.
How Long to Build your Ride? 2 Years
How Long Have You Been in the Sport? 5 Years
Previous Rides: 2000 Chevy S-10
Club Affiliations? Skund Up Kustoms
What would you like to build next? 1948 Ford F-100 Bagged and Body Dropped
Make: VW Bug
Year: 1972
# of Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1600cc
Engine Modifications: Chromed Out
Any Chrome or Polish? Everything
Clutch & Flywheel: Stock
Stock or Custom? Custom
Mods to the Pan: Custom Channels
Inches of lift or drop? 4” Body Drop
Who did the Mods to the Frame? The Adam Parnells (There are 2 of us)!
Compressor model and Brand: Viair ¾ Horse Power
Air Bag Size/ Model; Front and Rear: Shocks in Front, 2500 in Rear
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type: Stock VW
Size: 15” Baller
Tire Size: 40 Series
Rear Wheel Type: Stock VW
Size: 15” Baller
Tire Size: 40 Series
Paint Color: Primer Gray
Type of Paint: $0.96 Wal-Mart Spray Paint
Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types: Random Air Brushing
Painted By: Dustin Artz and Adam Parnell
Graphics By: Dustin Artz and Adam Parnell


1995 Chevy Astro

Body Drop: 4”
Body Mods By: Skund Up Kustoms
Dashboard: Shaved
Gauges: None
Steering Wheel: Stock
Console: None
Head Unit: None
Amps: None
Speakers: None
Video System: 8” T.V.
Stereo Installed By:
Shifter: Stock
Seats : Civic Seats
Any Other Interior Mods: Tubbed in the Back
History of Vehicle - Anything you'd like to add?
Jaw dropper of Scrapefest 06’
Special Thanks:
The Other Adam Parnell, The Artz Family, Big Dave, Chrom Willis, my Girlfriend, “Chippy” and everyone in Skund Up Kustoms!


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