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Gauge Editor-in-Chief Donnie BabbThe month of July is always a great time for us here at Gauge Magazine. We have been on the road nonstop, just coming off the buzz of producing Slamology and getting ready for our busiest month of the year: August.
In August we visit 3 of the largest events in the world, Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Havoc and the world famous ITB (formally known as Truck Bash). So make sure to hang on tight. This ride is far from over.
Slam, Slam, Slam…. Slamology!!! I know a lot of you are anxious to see the coverage from the show. But you will have to wait till next month for the Gauge Magazine coverage. We are posting links on the front page of where coverage has been popping up from all around the web. So just hang on tight we have over 1000 photos of the show getting ready to hit in the august issue. Till then visit

On the cover this month we feature Daniel Dennison’s 1984 Nissan Hardbody. As soon as Staff Photographer Michael McGill set eyes on this totally radical Nissan at Slammin and Jammin, he knew it had to be on the cover. To seal the cover deal Michael hooked up with the beautiful Holly Ann Hullender who was modeling for Car Bufz that weekend. Make sure to check out Holly’s Gauge Girl feature for some serious gauge girl dragging photos.

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Our first feature vehicle this month is Gail Taylor’s 1997 Honda Accord, photographer Toby Mosholder met up up with Gail at Spring Fling in Panama City Florida. Gale seriously grabbed Toby’s attention for this feature with big wheels, killer paint, flawless interior and air suspension. Make sure to check this feature out.

Next on the feature list this month, we climb inside staff photographer Brad Walkers camera for the photo shoot of Josh Jewells 1999 4x4 S10. Josh is the owner of his own shop, Sparky’s Hardcore Customs, so when everyone said that a 4x4 truck could not be hammered to the ground and still function it gave him the motivation to make it happen. From just one look at the photos, you will see that he accomplished this goal. Nice job on the truck Josh… Your skilled craftsmanship has the entire truck community talking about your truck all over the country.

To wrap up features this month, we jump into the way back machine with staff photographer Smalls, to his first feature he ever shot. Now, at first look most of you are going to say I remember that truck from years ago. If you do; you are exactly right. Owner Brent Lovern built this beast in the mid 90’s. We just ran this feature because we thought it would be a good look into how far our sport has come in the last 10 years, and for us old school enthusiast, it is a great trip down memory lane.

For show coverage, we travel to the west coast with staff photographer Jason Peckovitch, he attended the NOPI show in Arizona on the weekend of March 17th and 18th 2007. There is just one thing to say about NOPI shows… F*cking Awesome. At every one of their events there are always totally radical cars, drag racing, drifting, live entertainment and smoking hot ladies. For info on all their event’s visit

For the next show, we stop off in Morristown, TN on the weekend of April 6-7, 2007, with staff photographers Smalls and Toby Mosholder for Lay’d Out At The Park. This show has grown leaps and bounds year after year, even with a few inches of snow on Saturday morning, the 2007 show was not different.

If you are a 4x4 truck enthusiast, then this next show is for you. The crew over at Family Events has specialized in producing the 4-Wheel Jamborees for the past 26 years and these events are tremendous. Thousands of Trucks, spectators and vendors make these 4x4 events, must attend events. Make sure to check our coverage out from photographer Toby Mosholder of the 22nd annual Lima, OH 4x4 Jamboree. It is a for sure not to miss. For info on the entire series and next year’s Lima, OH event visit

To wrap up our coverage, we spend the day with staff photographer Brad Walker at the Unleashed Modern Custom Truck and Car Show in London, Kentucky on May 19-20, 2007. With just one look at this coverage it is easy to see, this show is a must attend for 2008. Stay up on all the info by visiting

With sites like YouTube, the web has changed forever with video. This month we are adding a cool monthly section to gauge that features some great videos we have seen around the web. Make sure to check this out, and if you have a video you would like featured; hit me up with the link.

For the last year our forums have been a total mess, we have had non-stop problems with them; everything from spammers to hackers target us daily. So for the past 6 months we have been fighting them back and working out all the bugs. We believe all the problems have been taken care of. Over the next few months you will see our forum topics popping up throughout the site. So don’t be afraid get in there and post away.

Well that wraps it up for me this month. As always if you have any questions, concerns or comments, do not hesitate to contact us… and if you are on mySpace, don’t forget to stop by and check out some of the cool videos we have posted there!


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