Nathan Paige
Middleburg, PA
2001 Ford Ranger
Original Cost of Vehicle? $7,800.00
Cost to Build Vehicle? $40,000.00
Why did you build your Ride? For fun and to learn to work with friends.
How Long to Build your Ride? 3 Years
Name of Vehicle and Why? Just “The Ranger”, because it is the only one in are club.
How Long Have You Been in the Sport? 4 Years
Previous Rides: None
Club Affiliations? Illusive Xpectations
What would you like to build next? New Ford F-150
Make: Ford Ranger
Year: 2001
# of Cylinders: 4 Cylinders
Engine Modifications: Coolant Tank
Engine Add-Ons: Intake, Exhaust and Chip
Clutch & Flywheel: Centerforce Dual Friction
Stock or Custom? Custom
Mods to the Frame: C- Notch (Front and Rear), re-location of shocks
Inches of lift or drop? Please specify! It has 26”’s of lift and slams to the ground.
Who did the Mods to the Frame? Myself and Brian
Front Shocks: Nitro-Drop
Rear Shocks: Nitro-Drop
4-Link: Super Lift Wishbone
Compressor model and Brand: 2 Viair 480C’s
Number of Valves and Size: 8 ½” SMC Valves
Air Bag Size/ Model; Front and Rear: 2500 # Firestone in front and 2600 # Firestone in the rear.
Other Chassis Mods: DJM Tubular Control Arms
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type: MC’s
Size: 20”
Tire Size: 235/30/R20
Rear Wheel Type: MC’s
Size: 20”
Tire Size: 235/30/R20
Paint Color: Inferno Red/ Grey
Type of Paint: PPG
Painted By: Automotive Solutions


2001 Ford Ranger

Hood: Reflection
Grille: Street Scene
Bumpers: Xenon
Add On Accessories: Lambo Doors, Tonneau Cover
Body Mods: Roll Pan
Body Mods By: Automotive Solutions
Dashboard: Suede
Gauges: Autometer
Steering Wheel: Sparco
Console: Custom Suede
Head Unit: Alpine
Amps: JL Audio
Speakers: JL Audio
Video System: Alpine
Stereo Installed By: Shine on detailing
Shifter: Sparco
Seats : Sparco
Window Tint %: 5%
Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: Cranberry and Grey Suede
Upholstered By: Shine on detailing.
Special Thanks: Automotive Solutions, Brian and all of Illusive Xpectations!


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