Gary Ramey
Baltimore, Ohio
2003 Chevy S-10 4x4
Original Cost of Vehicle? $26,000.00
Cost to Build Vehicle? $45,000.00
Why did you build your Ride? It’s really a rebuild, the truck was in Street Trucks in July 2004.
How Long to Build your Ride? 2 Years
Name of Vehicle and Why? Recon 1, It’s a Marine Corp thing!
How Long Have You Been in the Sport? 30 Years
Previous Rides: 77 Trans Am, 2 66 Chevy II SS
Club Affiliations? None
What would you like to build next? 2002 Ram Air Trans AM

Make: Chevy S-10
Year: 2003
# of Cylinders: 6 Cylinders
Engine Modifications: Pulleys, Alt, Air Induction
Stock or Custom? Custom
Mods to the Frame: Shaved
Inches of lift or drop? Please specify! 6 inch lift, Super Lift
Who did the Mods to the Frame? Aaron Lynch
Front Shocks: Blistine 5100
Rear Shocks: Blistine 5100
Any Chrome, Polish or Paint: Stainless Steel Exhaust
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type: Colorado Custom
Size: 15x8
Tire Size: 33”
Rear Wheel Type: Colorado Custom
Size: 15x8
Tire Size: 33”
Paint Color: Red with Flames
Type of Paint: House of Kolor
Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types: Flames
Painted By: Aaron Lynch
Graphics By: Aaron Lynch


1995 Chevy Astro

Hood: Reflections
Grille: Trent Billet
Bumpers: Made by Aaron Lynch
Add On Accessories: Steel Flares
Body Mods: Tilt Bed by Road Hog
Body Mods By: Aaron Lynch
Head Unit: Sony
Speakers: Sony
Stereo Installed By: Dave Platon
Seats : Trent’s Trick Upholstery
Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: Charcoal
Any Other Interior Mods: Speaker pods by Trent’s Trick Upholstery
Upholstered By: Trent’s Trick Upholstery
Anything you'd like to add?
In the future I plan to add bigger wheels and 383 cubic inch motor.
Special Thanks:
Aaron Lynch of Lynch Concepts (Paint), Trent Vanarsdalen of Trent’s Trick Upholstery


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