Double Trouble – Double Feature

Photos and Article by: Jason Peckovitch

Farhad and Farzad

I first met Farhad in 2006 at the NOPI Arizona event at Firebird Raceway when he owned the award winning General Lee Supra. Returning again in 2007, I didn’t think he would have parted ways with that car and moved onto something else but he did. This year he was sporting a gorgeous red 1992 Acura NSX.  This car was absolutely stunning as you can see from the pictures on the following pages. I soon learned that his brother, Farzad was also at the event. When I saw Farzad’s Supra, I just had to shoot them together. I actually ran into Farzad at a convenience store down the street from the hotel I was staying at where I complimented him on a badass ride dark gunmetal metallic grey supra earlier that morning.


I was very excited to be able to shoot both of the vehicles, especially since I was a bystander at the shoot Farhad was in the previous year. For the shoot I enlisted the help of BDL Model Sara Conriquez and LSD Girl Amanda Richter. I chose a spot away from the action of the show so as to not draw a crowd and distract the girls or myself. Once the location was set and the brothers were ready, the shoot was a go. However, it turned into more than just Farhad and Farzad. By the time we started shooting, there ended up being 5 supras and the NSX!


All of the cars were pristine. We had the shoot in small overflow lot at Firebird raceway with an embankment in the background. Sara and Amanda both matched the NSX as I shot them mostly on that car, together and separately. The extra supras added a sense of style and nostalgia to the shoot as they surrounded the NSX. These super cars, although not heavily modded, still turned heads where ever they went.


It was a pleasure of mine and of the girls to be able to partake in the photoshoot. It has been a long time since the photos were taken till now. I hope everyone enjoys the photos. This double feature is also surely to turn some heads as well.



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