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In Memory of Justin and Cody

Losing someone is never an easy thing to take much less two boys of ages fifteen and sixteen.
This article I am writing is to make sure no one forgets what these boys mean to their family and community. Justin and Cody were best friends, most of the time side by side. They lived life like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately on February 29, 2008 there was no tomorrow. They were killed in a tragic car accident in Whiteland, Indiana on their way to school. This won’t stop their story from being told or their dreams being fulfilled.

Justin and Cody were hardcore car and truck guys. They always had a magazine of some sort in hand. Growing up, cars and trucks were a way of life for Justin. His step-dad, Danny, is a body man and has a Nova he’s had since he was sixteen. I think Danny switches rides more than most people change their underwear. So Justin was introduced to all sorts of different things auto related at a young age. He had so many dreams for the future, one of them being a 1987 S-10 Blazer with a 305 v8. I sold it to Danny while I worked with him at a hot rod shop for a year or so. This thing looked like a heap, rusty and a few different colors, but it sounded sweet and didn’t run to bad either. Anyways, Justin thought it was sweet. Long story short I sold it when the motor went bad and Danny rebuilt the motor and drove it for awhile until Justin’s grades got better.

That didn’t stop Justin everyday after school from working on it like cleaning the wheels fixing old wiring, etc. Justin’s other dream was to someday work with Danny side by side at a shop of their own. The weekend of the accident, he and Danny were going to pick up a built 355 for it. He wanted it to be done for Import and Truck Bash so he could park next to my truck at the show. Justin won’t be here to help but this Blazer will still be done for ITB in honor of Justin and Cody.

Country boy Cody; I didn’t have as much involvement with Cody as I did with Justin but I did talk to him a few times and helped him and his friends including Justin with a wiring issue in a friend’s Civic. But here are a few of the things I learned about this great kid. As a farm boy at heart, he loved the outdoors and of course cars and trucks. He owned five different vehicles before he was sixteen, fixing and selling. His dream ride was a big diesel dually. That’s also my dream ride so someday when I get it I will be keeping him in mind. Like Justin being a car guy he was also a gentleman. He was always trying to stand up for what is right. He was very protective over his sister and was very much a giver. He, Justin and another friend helped Danny and I put the bed back on my truck after I bagged it. They weren’t asked to help but they stopped by and saw we needed help so they stuck around till the bed was back on.

Justin and Cody just like any teenager had their ups and downs and arguments with the parents but these guys were definitely on the right track. As a memorial to the boys, the Blazer will be completed and taken to all the shows and hopefully on the cover of all the magazines. There have already been donations given for the completion of the Blazer. With physical work being done by Danny, Steve of SO Customs and myself, as of so far, we are hoping to get many sponsors on board with this project not only to remember Justin and Cody but also to bring the truck community together and to raise the awareness of the risk we take behind the wheel everyday.

Seth R. Rosenthal

This is the way the blazer sits right now.

Justin was the passenger in my truck when we cruised Import and Truck Bash 2007

For Donation and sponsorship information you may contact Seth Rosenthal by Email @
or phone 317-989-0517


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