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During Gauge Magazine's SEMA outing in Las Vegas in 2007, I had the opportunity to meet the Public Relations associate for RIDEMAKERZ, Jeff Bachman. Jeff and I had spoken about what Ridemakerz was about while we were in Las Vegas and it just so happened that they were opening up a new retail store in Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, IN a month after the SEMA Show. So, myself and my other associate Dan Lindsey A.K.A. Jingles, had the opportunity to attend Media Day and the Grand Opening for their new store and had the opportunity to build a couple of these cool custom rides! RIDEMAKERZ is an extraordinary place. It also happens to have a legend in the automobile custom world Chip Foose as a Senior Advizor to their designs. So why don't you sit back and relax and take a journey through Jingles and I's experience at RIDEMAKERZ. It was like attending a car and truck show Mini Style....


1st Step! Time to see the outside!!

I love the logo!




There are Seven Zones

to build your ride!

First Zone is to CHOOZE your ride! I picked an Ford Truck! Dark grey in color for me. Jingles choze the same ride, but with a lighter silver color.


At Ridemakerz YOU Build Rides!




The Second Zone is to choose your tunes.. You can choose 6 different SonicPods to put into your ride! This was awesome. I chose the RZ Beatz sounds and Jingles chose the RZ Rockz package. The small pod that I am holding goes right into the chassis of the ride to make the super cool sounds.



Zone three is actually where you pick your chassis. You have two options. You can chooze Monster or Street ride type. Also, you can free wheel your ride or you can add RC to your ride. Jingles and I both chose Monster Truck and RC. Why wouldn't you?



Continue to next page to see Jingles and I take our pit challenge. This is where you add on our rims into the tires. This is also the time when you bolt the frame to the chassis. They have the motorized tools to make that happen for you.


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