J.R. Rice 2004 Scion XB
J.R. Rice
Lancaster, SC
2004 Scion XB
Original Cost of Vehicle? $15,000.00
Cost to Build Vehicle? $6,000.00
How Long to Build your Ride? 2 Years
Name of Vehicle and Why? Black Betty, used to have a Betty Page Air Freshener
How Long Have You Been in the Sport? 2 Years
Previous Rides: Nothing Good
Club Affiliations? None
What would you like to build next? 1982 S-10, being built now.

Make: Scion XB
Year: 2004
# of Cylinders: 4 cylinders
Displacement: 1.5 Liters
Engine Modifications: Polished Engine Bay
Engine Add-Ons: Nyfrex Triple Threat Nitrous
Engine Builder/ Shop: Owner
Stock or Custom? Stock
Inches of lift or drop? Please specify! About 7” from stock.
Front Shocks: OEM
Rear Shocks: Monroe
Spindles: OEM
Springs: Air
4-Link: N/A
Compressor model and Brand: Viair 380C
Number of Valves and Size: 8 ½” Air Lift Valves
Air Bag Size/ Model; Front and Rear: Air Lift Struts front and Air Lift Sleeve on rear
Other Chassis Mods: N/A
Any Chrome, Polish or Paint: N/A
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type: HP Racing EVO
Size: 18”
Tire Size: 215/35/18
Rear Wheel Type: HP Racing EVO
Size: 18”
Tire Size: 215/35/18
Paint Color: Black Sand Pearl/ Ghoust Red
Type of Paint: OEM Toyota
Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types: Ghoust Flames over OEM Black Sand Pearl
Painted By: Jamie Boone


1995 Chevy Astro

Grille: JDM Damd Smoke Sealed
Wing: 3 B Cool Black Billet
Dashboard: Painted by Owner
Head Unit: Eclipse
Amps: Memphis
Speakers: CDT with Memphis Subs
Stereo Installed By: Owner, sub enclosure built by James Griffen of Clearstar Media Group
Shifter: 6 Shot
Seats : Shaved OEM
Trunk / Bed : Black Leather Red Ultra Suede
Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: Owner
Upholstered By: Mungo’s Upholstery
History of Vehicle - Anything you'd like to add?
The car was supposed to be a commuter car to save gas.
Special Thanks:
My Dad, My wife Tonya, Jeff and Terry, Radall at Xclusive Images, James Griffen, Matt from Gauge,
Scion Pro, the rest of my family and friends.


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