Cover Vehicle: Will Davis 1938 Chevy Rat Rod Truck
Will Davis
Ellenboro, North Carolina
1938 Chevy Truck
Original Cost of Vehicle? $150.00
Cost to Build Vehicle? $850.00 minus motor
Why did you build your Ride? Change of pace, something other than the standard.
How Long to Build your Ride? 6 Weeks
Name of Vehicle and Why? Ratbastard-self explanatory!
How Long Have You Been in the Sport? 26 Years, since I was 14.
Previous Rides: 66 Chevelle, Old School El Camino
Club Affiliations? None
What would you like to build next? Custom 30’s Sedan

Make: Chevy Truck
Year: 1938
# of Cylinders: 8 cylinders
Displacement: 355 cubic inches
Engine Modifications: bored, Balanced O Peck, Performance Heads
Engine Add-Ons: Offenhauser 24 Tunnel Cam, Eddlebrock 500
Engine Builder/ Shop: Fulton Competition
Transfer Case: Turbo 350
Axle Brand or Size: GM
Gears: 3.73
Transmission Builder/ Shop: Stock
Stock or Custom? Custom
Mods to the Frame: Notched for buggy spring suspension, s-10 rear clip
Inches of lift or drop? Please specify! 4” due to Buggy Spring
Who did the Mods to the Frame? 3D Kustoms
Front Shocks: Monroe
Rear Shocks: Monroe
Spindles: Straight Axle
Springs: Buggy Spring Front End
4-Link: 2 Leafs – Stock S-10 leaf spring rear
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel Type: Stock Steel
Size: 15x7
Tire Size: 205/75/15
Rear Wheel Type: Stock Steel
Size: 15x7
Tire Size: 205/75/15
Paint Color: Rust
Type of Paint: Natural
Describe Graphics, including paint colors and types: 3D Kustoms Logo on doors, Red, Walmart Spray Paint
Painted By: Katfish Kustoms
Graphics By: Katfish Kustoms


1938 Chevy Truck

Channeled: N/A
Chopped: 5”
Body Drop: Traditional
Hood: None
Grille: Custom 30 A model
Add On Accessories: Spot Lite, double Cola Bottle Opener
Body Mods: Custom 1 Off Doors, 47 dodge Bed shortened and narrowed to fit.
Body Mods By: 3D Kustoms
Dashboard: Stock
Gauges: Auto Gauge
Steering Wheel: 77 Trans-AM
Shifter: 48 Chevy Granny 4 speed
Seats : 63 Chevy II Bench Seat
Trunk / Bed : 47 Dodge Modified
Describe Upholstery Material/ Color Scheme: Stock burgundy Nova Seat, Brown Burlap Sack Carpet by Royster
Any Other Interior Mods: Road Sign Door Panels
Upholstered By: 3D Kustoms
History of Vehicle - Anything you'd like to add?
The truck was built from parts and pieces we had laying around or traded for.
Special Thanks:
My sons, Chad Walker, Katfish Kustoms


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