DVD Review

Surface presents "Re-Introduction"

By Brandy Patrick


The guys at Surface really stepped up to the plate with their third release. "Re-Introduction" mixes the crew's graphical talent with some amazing rides and some awesome shows. There is truly something for everyone this time around. There is old school, new school, domestic and foreign, mini and full size vehicles featured. Scott Heller's 1996 Civic is as represented as Mark Barbee's '63 C-10. For a mid-west girl (or boy) it was very cool to see the footage from Drop Zone and Reso. I just gotta wonder when we will see mid-west shows included.


You can't make a movie for mini-truckers without including some footage of road trips and the adventures that go with them, along with a little night life. They included about 20 sick drag sessions, some hopping, and some random mischief, along with a coastal drive. There is a "drag race"

like none I have ever seen before and lots of golf cart play in the desert. If that didn't convince you to add "Re-Introduction" to your collection, it could be used as reference material. Ever wonder what might happen if you chug chocolate milk? Watch and learn boys and girls!


Making an effort to prove they have only scratched the surface of our sport, the Surface crew has a documentary style film in the works.

Surface DVDs are available for purchase at their website, They also have t-shirts (chic shirts too!) and other goodies at reasonable prices.

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