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August 2010 GAUGE GIRL
Genevieve Marie Hartman

Age: 21

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 120

Dimensions: Wonderful

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Marriage Status: Single

Do You Have any Piercings? Ears, belly, lip

Do You Have any Tattoos? Side, legs, hip

Have You had any Other Modeling Experiences? Yes, Cruisin’ The Streets

What do You Enjoy about Modeling? New things I get to see and do

Do You Have a Website? No

Do You Attend Car Shows Often? Yes

What is Your Favorite Part of Car Shows? The people

What Show is a “Must Attend” for You This Year? Slammin’ n Jammin’

What do You Think of Gauge Magazine? It’s awesome

What do You do When You’re Not Posing for the Camera? Mommy

What are Your Favorite Hobbies? Sleeping

What is Your Worst Habit? Smoking

What is Your Favorite Thing to Eat? Pasta

What Kind of Music do You Listen to? Any

What is Your Most Prized Possession? Cameron, my son

What Four Words Best Describe You? Awesome, outgoing, fun, crazy (the good kind)

What is Your Dream Ride? Challenger

What do You Look for in a Man? Honesty, trustworthy, real

What Makes Your Motor Rev, or Turns You On? Arms

What Makes You Put on the Brakes Around a Guy? Fake

What is Your Idea of the Perfect Date? Dinner, movie, swimming

What is the Most Romantic Thing Anyone has Ever Done for You? Wrote me a song

What is the Best Advice You Ever Received? Be me, because that’s what I’m best at

What are Your Plans for the Future? Family

Where do you See Yourself in 10 Years? Playboy (just kidding). A successful job and a family

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