Messages from the editor

Where do I start?

First off I hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends and didn’t get too drunk on New Year’s and did something that you are going to regret this early in the year. I know I enjoyed spending Christmas with my family at home this year. Kaylynn, my 3-year old daughter, was so overwhelmed with all the presents Santa brought. New Year’s was just me and the wife enjoying some alone time with the little one at Grandma’s. Yes, there was alcohol and sex involved for those dirty-minded readers.  I did try and get to the Strip Club with no luck.

Second, this past year was a blast being the editor of Gauge Magazine. Made a lot of new friends and hung out with a lot of old ones too. I’m not just talking about the old-aged ones like Chico or Lil Bill but the ones I’ve known for 5 – 15 years. You know the ones that will hand you a beer every time you see them, even though you only see them once or twice a year. I also met a bunch of loyal fans that just enjoy  the automotive industry as a whole. From Mini truckers to Street Rodders we all like custom rides, alcohol and women. Even the women like women.

Third, I started off last year stating that we were going to start running a mixture of custom rides and shows.  I believe we did that with several street rods, rat rods and some odd ball features. We went to several shows that were not Mini Truck style shows, yet continue to cover as many of them that we can get to. We also added a few new photographers last year, Dan Moremone in Kentucky and Costa in North Carolina. A new section called MF Fusion Pin-up was also added with a new hot model photographed and fused by Miles Fork of Indianapolis each month.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank some of our current staff. Starting with photographers Cheri, Chromey and Steve out on the West Coast who keep the issues full of great shows and features including Mini Truckin magazine show of the year, West Coast Nationals. On the east Coast we have Randall and Smalls covering everything they can get their hands on. And who can forget our South connection Brad Walker who keeps us with features and shows from all walks of life. Then there is Lenny aka BLT and Chris Barnes who cover the Midwest , East Side and Southside or where needed. If it wasn’t for these guys and gal I’d have to do a lot more work. So again thanks to all the above mentioned photographers and friends. I can’t forget to mention and thank two other people that make this magazine possible. Chris Wright our Webmaster/Graphics dude that makes it possible for the world to see and Brandy for keeping all my paperwork straight.

So until next time, try and stay warm, weld that shit right, use a tape measure not your eyes and get your first lap dance of the year.

Dan “Double D” Davis
Editor – Gauge Magazine

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