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Gauge Editor-in-Chief Donnie BabbSeptember around Gauge is always a great month. Our crazy road show schedule starts to come to an end, and we start gearing up for the SEMA show in November at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For this year’s show, our very own Matt Petro is building a new and improved Air Dancer for the 2008 season. Make sure to stay tuned to for a step by step build up of the new monster, all the way to SEMA.  The rest of the staff is also gearing up to cover SEMA like never before.  We will be attacking the show in full force this year with 3 photographers and one video guy. That’s right Gauge Magazine TV is about to seriously hit the pages of your favorite online magazine in the very near future.

On the cover this month I had the pleasure of shooting the frame of Alejandro De La Cruz (aka AJ as most of us know him). AJ along with his club brothers from Latest Craze spent countless hours in the garage molding this truly unique 1996 Chevy Silverado frame into a total show stopper. When AJ busted out his fresh ass frame at our 4th annual Slamology, it was a total show stopper. Crowds of people stood around the frame for hours talking about the truly unique fabrication and the stripper chick theme. This feature is a for sure not to miss for any auto enthusiasts. Awesome job on the frame AJ, can’t wait to see how the entire project will turn out.

To brighten up AJ’s frame and our cover we have the lovely gauge girl Samantha Combs. We met Samantha at Slamology, right after she won the bikini contest.  Just a few weeks after the event we all hooked up for this photo shoot. The graffiti backdrop (deep in the hood) was the perfect layout for this feature. Make sure not to miss this up close and personal look at Samantha, she is an all natural beauty.

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For features this month, we start off with staff Photographer Brad Walker on the photo shoot of Del Sargent and his 2003 GMC Sierra. Del’s passion for a custom vehicle started like most of us. He just wanted to build a nice daily driver then the bug bit… You know the rest from there, an awesome truck hitting the pages of Gauge. Make sure not to miss this one.

The second feature this month, Staff Photographer Randall Reynolds hooks up with James Licata from Summerville, SC and his 1991 Ford Ranger. James has truly separated himself from the normal mini truck crowd with one of the most radical bed designs we have ever seen. Countless hours of fiberglass work along with powder coating and paint truly make this ranger unique.

When you take two brothers, an Acura NSX and a Toyota Supra, and throw in a few hot models you get Double Trouble. This is exactly what Staff Photographer foresaw when he got Farbad and Farzad Ghayour together for this feature shoot at the NOPI Phoenix show this past year. Jason has the entire story of this high performance photo shoot in the feature. Make sure to check it out. 

To wrap up our features this month photographer, Toby Mosholder met up with Larry and Amber Bain to feature their 1996 Ford Ranger. Bright graphics and a crazy air suspension is what caught our eye for this feature.  Since this feature, Larry and Amber have sold the ranger and have a new project in the works. If this one turns out half as cool as the ranger, I guarantee you will see it in a future issue of Gauge.

For show coverage this month we roll down the road with Staff Photographer Randall Reynolds at the Drop Jaw Mag BIG SHOW in Rockingham, NC. For the past 5 years Drop Jaw has been producing the best shows on the east coast. This year proved to be no different. for info on all of Drop Jaw’s shows visit

For the next show, we ride along with photographer Double D to the Midwest DRAGFEST in Warrensburg, Missouri on June 1-3, 2007. This year DRAGFEST pulled in a few hundred of the coolest rides around. Make sure not to miss this coverage.  For info on next year’s Midwest Drag fest visit

For years, Goodguys has produced rod and custom shows across the country. Since its beginning two years ago photographer Brad Walker has covered the Nashville, TN show. For both of these years this show has pulled some of the coolest rods across the country and we have them all here. For info on all the Good Guy shows visit

To wrap up show coverage this month, we catch up with staff photographer Vincent Pelfey at the 2007 Showcase Super Truck Nationals in Ownesboro, KY at the Executive Inn Rivermont on June 29-July1, 2007. For this year’s festivities there was a live band, and the 15 year anniversary party of Negative Camber Car Club. The party was a blast and brought out NC members from all over the county. It was a blast partying with these guys all weekend. for info on the 2008 event visit  

Crazy ass funny videos…. This month we left these up to secret agent double O snodgrass to pick them out for you. Make sure to check these out. There is a great video from ITB 07.  

Well that wraps it up for me this month. As always if you have any questions, concerns or comments, do not hesitate to contact us… and if you are on mySpace, don’t forget to stop by and add us to your friends list.


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